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Data Backup

Continuous data protection with onsite and offsite solutions!

High-Performance Backups

Replicating data at the disk block level and not the file level will significantly help to reduce the impact to the host system. This helps to run scheduled hourly backups and not to cause system interruptions.
Onsite and Offsite Backups

v-DC offers an efficient multi-point backup solution. By having onsite backup, you can quickly restore data while having peace of mind knowing that you can restore data from an offsite backup for emergencies.
Data Retention

By creating a data rentention policy through the web portal, you will be able to define the number of replications that you wish to store and when to merge all retention points together.


Virtual Server Backup
A backup agent can be installed on XEN Virtual Servers and server snapshots taken of OpenVZ Virtual Servers.
Dedicated Server Backup
A backup agent can be installed onto any of our dedicated servers or a colocated server.
Operating System
We support most Linux distributions including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu and also Windows Server.
Report & Tracking
Receive daily email reports to let you know that your backups have been successful and track your usage.
Web-Based Interface
We deliver the reliability that customers rely on to use a Hosted Cloud service.
Control Panel Intergration
We're flexible on how we can help to deliver Hosted Cloud services.
Deployment For Remote Agent
Using only DELL Enterprise infrastructure, we deliver a high performance platform.
MsSQL & MySQL Databases
We are helping more businesses to increase their productivity by moving to the Cloud.

Disaster like Fire, Floods and other types can cause catastrophic disasters. Backing up your data is essential to any business so that so data can be quickly restored and have your business continuing to operate.
Hardware Failures
Computer hardware (e.g. hard drives) can fail from time to time. When backing up data, you can replace any faulty hardware and have your data restored quickly and efficiently so you are back online and working.
Accidental Deletion
Critical business data can be deleted and it can be due to human error. By setting up hourly, daily and weekly backups or creating multiple restore points each day can help to have your data restored in just a few moments.
In any event of a theft, devices like Laptops, Servers and Storage Devices are rarely recovered. A backup solution provides a secure environment for devices to back up to and restore to a new device at anytime.

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