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Hosted Services

We host more businesses in the Cloud with our Digital Office solution!


Active Sync
Synchronise your devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops) in real time with your Inbox, Calendar, Contacts and Task.
Inbox Sharing
Be able to set permissions for others within your business to access and manage your Inbox, sub-folders, Calendars and Task.
50MB File Transfer
Send and Receive e-mails that include large file attachments of up to 50MB in size.
Outlook Web Access
Be able to access your emails when you're on the go with our Outlook Web Access portal.

We give you the Windows Dekstop experience. Log into our web access portal and access your desktop and applications from anywhere, anytime.
Our team of experts can install, configure and manage your applications that you need, so you can run your business from cloud.

File Storage
Store and access data through a Hosted Desktop service or through a secure VPN connection, no matter where you may be..
Backup Solution
We ensure that data across our Hosted Services is continuously backed up with a full disaster recovery plan to restore data as quickly as possible.


Be Connected
Always be connected to the Cloud no matter where you may be.
High Availability
We provide a redundant platform so that we can deliver high availability.
Multi-Domain Support
All end-users are able to logon using their very own domain name.
Multi-Device Support
Be able to connect to our Hosted Exchange or Desktop from any device.
We deliver the reliability that customers rely on to use a Hosted Cloud service.
We're flexible on how we can help to deliver Hosted Cloud services.
Using only DELL Enterprise infrastructure, we deliver a high performance platform.
We are helping more businesses to increase their productivity by moving to the Cloud.

v-DC Cloud Hosting Services gives you and your customers the benefits of being able to work anywhere, anytime.
From any location, businesses who work in teams can work together no matter where each college may be.


Our Cloud Hosted Services helps businesses and organisations to work from one simple to use platform.

Remote Access

Remotely access Cloud Hosted Services through our web portal or by connecting to our Virtual Private Network.


Being able to scale up or down with our Hosted Services lets you pay for only the resources that you need.

Interested in reselling hosted services to your clients?

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