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We provide you with the infrastructure that you need for your business!


Hard Disk Drives
We provision dedicated servers with the option of SAS and SSD disk drives so you experience the ultimate performance in a dedicated server.
Processing Power
Choose from any of our single quad core or dual quad core servers with Intel 2.4Ghz processors through to Intel 3.6Ghz processors.
Hardware RAID
Our servers come with hardware RAID (including battery backup) so you get the best performance when it comes to RAID disk drives.
Gbit Network
Each server will be connected to our super-fast Gbit network and added to our private network for unlimited traffic between local servers.

Rack Space
You can select from any of our rack space offerings starting from 1RU for a single device through to full 42RU racks (including lockable half racks).
Each of our racks comes with 2 power feeds so that any device that has dual power supplies can utilise power redundancy from back power feeds.
Each of our data centres delivers hot and cold aisles with thermo alert monitoring so that your devices will remain at the correct temperature at all times.

Network Hardware
v-DC can supply you with the infrastructure that you need to build your public and private cloud no matter how small or big you may be.
We are able to help setup direct peering connections to other Cloud networks (e.g. Amazon AWS and Azure) for fast connectivity.
Direct Connectivity
By directly connecting to other Cloud networks VIA cross connects, we can help you to send and receive your data more securely.


Access to Online Bandwidth Stats
Your Own Public and Private VLAN
High Speed 1Gbit Network
Redundant Gbit Core Backbone
Access To Other Cloud Provider Networks
Access To Local + Remote Backup Solutions
Choose From Multiple Locations Australia Wide
Located In TIER 3 Data Centres
Dual Redundant Power Feeds In All Racks
N+1 Cooling & N+1 Power Redundancy
Minimum 24 Hour Onsite Fuel Capacity
99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
24x7 Manned + CCTV Security
Biometric Fingerprint Security


Find out why more businesses turn towards using DELL Enterprise Servers

Maximum of 768GB Memory Single & Dual Quad & Hex Core CPU's Dual Power Supplies
2.5" or 3.5" Disk Drives Select SAS and/or SSD Drives 3Gbps or 6Gbps RAID
Minimum 4x NIC's Dual Connectivity for Redundancy 1Gbit Ethernet Ports

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