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Spam Protection

Protect your Inbox from E-Mail Spam and Malware!

Incoming E-Mail Filtering

Stay protected from Spam, Virus, Phishing and Malware type e-mails by using our SpamExperts e-mail spam solution. With our inbound e-mail filtration, we can guarantee that more than 99% of spam emails will be filtered before it can reach your Inbox.
Outgoing E-Mail Filtering

With outbound email filtration, we are able to proactively eliminate spam e-mail that is being sent from our network. As part of the number of benefits of using outbound e-mail filtration, we can help to improve a servers IP reputation that sends emails.
Easy Management

You can access our SpamExperts web portal at any time and stay in control of your clients spam service. The web portal is white labeled and adding your own brand (company logo, URL, theme and more) can be setup and completed in just a few minutes.


Spam Quarantine
E-mails that are automatically detected as spam messages can found in our Spam Quarantine queue for up to 14 days.
Delivery Queue
The delivery queue can help to store your inbound emails while your mail server is offline for maintenance.
Advanced Logs
The outbound search utility lets you find out exactly what has happened to every email that is sent from our network.
Auto System Training
Whether it's a legitimate email mistakenly flagged as spam, you can help train the system to learn what is and is not spam.
Web-Based Interface
Clients will be able to access a web-based interface that can help them to manage their spam filtering.
Control Panel Intergration
Easily intergrate SpamExperts into your cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, WHMCS control panels.
White Labeling
As a reseller, you will be able to use your own company logo, URL, colour scheme to brand the control panel.
DKIM & SPF Records
By properly utilising DKIM and SPF records, there can be a greater chance for your emails not to be flagged as spam.


Filtered Spam


Outbound Emails



Take advantage of the opportunity to make our Cloud Hosted Spam solution the right one for your business and clients.

30 Day Free Trial
Take advantage of our 30 day free trial period and see why businesses use our spam solution to protect their business from spam, viruses and malware e-mails.
Price Match Guarantee
Send through an invoice to our sales team which has already been paid for from your current email security provider and we will price match it or we will beat it.
Extensive Technical Support
Let our sales and technical support experts help you to build the right solution that can suit your business and accommodate for future growth.

Interested in reselling spam protection to your clients?

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